About SMLM

About Society of Meaningful Life Management

Healthcare has witnessed a paradigm shift under the blessing of the technological revolution.

Technology is advancing at a very fast pace and if we don’t keep pace with technology we would be left behind. We as doctors understand that and many are keeping pace buying all sorts of high tech instruments for our theatres and Clinics and hospitals.

But there is another fact that there has to be the dissemination of these updates & knowledge not only for the doctors but for Public also and that is required to give quality and holistic care to the women of this country and as a consequence healthy aging for all in all stages of life from dawn to dusk.

The demand of learners is now Convenience, Connectedness, Accessibility and cost-effectiveness and this is possible only if we go online education through a dedicated website, as we have highly mobile devices & media that are portable & anytime and anywhere learning is feasible through there devices.

With this idea in mind, we started with the society of Meaningful Life Management so that we can bring all gynecologists on one platform and really bridge the gap between knowledge and implementation,

Conferences have now barriers of time, distance and cost involved for those who want to learn.

Parallel conferences would go on but they would be focussed on skill enhancement and virtual teaching can go online.

We have to reach out to the public for health literacy so that they themselves become responsible by virtue of their knowledge of normal parameters of health. Through electronic media and online teaching we can reach to lacs in a small time with not much expenses as compared to conferences and meetings. Society of Meaningful Life Management (SMLM) would do public education programs through the web site, videos and small group sessions and media.

This is a futuristic and flexible society keeping in mind the needs of TIME, it would be adaptable open-ended society changing with changing needs and changing times and technology.

Let us all join hands and become teachers and learners and give our education system a turn to more practice-oriented courses.