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Dr. Maninder Ahuja

President’s Message

Synchronising Healthcare with Expertise & Innovation

With our vision and resolve, Society of Mid Life Management (SMLM) is keeping up with digital revolution in healthcare with keen focus on promoting healthy life in all.

The Society aims to have medical fraternity on a single platform for a uniform dialogue and to enable practice oriented and practical teaching.  Educate public to remove distrust in medical fraternity- In this endeavor; research, innovation & collaborations are its guiding patterns.

We have achieved longevity but healthy longevity should be our aim . Healthcare professionals are well aware of the ticking time bomb of ageing and its challenges. Care needs blended at an early stage so that the life style modifications are inculcated timely in people’s life especially, the women.

Teaching is revolutionising as other technical revolutions and we have to evolve our method of learning and teaching keeping in mind demands of time and cost.So maximum use of digital media is need of the hour.

SMLM puts its heart promoting :
  • Teaching oriented to Holistic care of women from adolescence to achieve healthy ageing.
  • Prevention of common disease like Osteoporosis, Sarcopenia, Life style disease (Diabetic, Hypertension, Obesity) hot flushes, sleep disturbance, dementia, Cancers & Psychological Problems.
  • Public awareness and educationPublic awareness and education
  • Inter connect all gynecologists with uniform message and updates.

Please browse through our agenda and strategies to know us still better.

Medical professionals are urged to join us on our web-site. Others must provide their invaluable support on our social media channels.

Your goodwill counts.

Share our Vision. For Better Future. We seek your privileged participation.