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The Society of Mid-Life Management is being constituted with the following purpose.

  • To reach out to all gynecologists with same uniform message and updates
  • Holistic care of women by Multidisciplinary Team, healthy ageing  starting from adolescents
  • Prevention of common disease like Osteoporosis, Sarcopenia, Life style disease (Diabetic, Hypertension, Obesity) hot flushes, sleep disturbance, dementia, cancers & Psychological Problems and sexuality Issues
  • Public awareness and education


  • Healthy Ageing for All.
  • To have medical fraternity on a single platform for a uniform dialogue.Make teaching practice oriented and practical. 
  • Make teaching practice oriented and practical. 
  • Educate public to remove distrust among medical fraternity and public


  • To create multidisciplinary platform at national level update gynecologists with problems faced by women in all stages of life and aim being healthy ageing.
  • Enrollment of gynecologists for web site as a closed group
  • Educate various medical professional about updates on a common platform, which is approachable and cost effective for every body.
  • Resource persons our peers and faculty of medical colleges of various fields
  • Care to be started from early life so that life style modifications are inculcated in the routine life
  • Virtual courses on web site reachable only to members
  • Small videos for Skill development
  • Hands on skill enhancement courses would be done to give practical experience.
  • On line opinion poll.
  • Chat session on web site to clear controversies and discuss ways of going forward
  • Data Collection and research at national level
  • For public awareness there would be pamphlets, and small videos, which would go through various electronic media like FB and what’s up and twitter.
  • Closed public education sessions with the help of NGOs. Not on member site.
  • Involvement of Media for dissemination of right messages for all.
  • Interactive teaching camps and meeting with the public would be there and media coverage so that message can reach out to masses.
  • Have a liaison with Government of India for implementation of various programs.
  • Have a liaison with industry to provide services for many handy devices at home for rehabilitation.